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PJGARMENT Garment proofing (sample development) means we develop your design concept into a product: shape, fit, construction, sewing method – all the details come together into a finished sample for your inspection. All samples are made in-house with a fast turnaround and a capacity of over 300 + samples per month.

Also we draw on more about CLO 3D production proofing, which allows you to quickly see the product you expect before a finished sample is even made.

 For your question: for example, if the design elements are made into a garment sample, then you can next check out the garment sample options we give.

We offer two ways to order samples, either via our products, or using traditional manual ordering methods. You can choose from our extensive ready design range, develop your own custom designs or a combination of both.

If you are interested in our ready designs you may choose to skip sampling altogether and directly place a bulk order saving you time and money.

Sampling process

The Flow of Sampling and the sampling up

How to order products


Easiest & quickest way to order. Order ready designs only with standard customization as displayed in our innovative Products shop.

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  • No MOQ
  • Lead time: 5 days (in-stock fabrics)
  • Cost: 2-3X Bulk Price
    Example: $50 x 2 = $100


  • MOQ:100/order, 20/style & color, 5/size
  • Lead time: 4-8 weeks


1.Ready Design
Customize our ready designs further than the shop, using any colors or combinations or custom prints that you seek.

2.Custom Design
Develop your own designs from scratch. Simply send us screenshots + notes or tech packs and we take it from there. Feel free to borrow elements from our range.

3.Mix & Match
Combine some custom designs with some ready designs.


      • No MOQ
      • Lead time: 2 weeks (in-stock fabrics)
      • Ready Design Cost: 2-3X Bulk Price
        Example: $12.95 x 2 = $25.90
      • Custom Design Cost: 2X Bulk Price + $39 Fee (refunded with bulk order)
        Example: $12.95 x 2 + $39 = $64.95 during sampling.
        When bulk order is placed $39 is refunded and final cost is only $25.90
  • Bulk
    • MOQ: 100/order, 20/style & color, 5/size
    • Lead time: Confirm at order

What to choose?

It’s really up to you. But if this is your first business and you have little or no experience in fashion then we do recommend you to focus on Ready Design either partially or fully. You can still customize them a lot and the range is wide. This leaves more time, budget and energy to focus on the establishment, marketing and development of your brand rather than design think. You can still customize them .

If you are on a slim start-up budget – go with our shop. There are no development costs and combined with free shipping, it can really add up to some major savings. The shop also has a low MOQ of 100 for bulk orders.

However, if you have any dream designs that you want to turn into a real product, this is where we can take your line further with your own custom swimwear design and turn that imagination into a successful business.

Custom Design


This is where we turn the design in your head into a real thing. You can send your screenshots of any products that you want to develop and our sample team would be ready to assist you along the way. You can also take inspiration from our ready range and change the designs or combine our designs with whatever ideas you may have.

fully customized design
  • Note to designers
    We accept DXF (Gerber/AutoCAD) and DGS file formats for CAD. Your own format for tech packs are also very welcome.


Here you can take our ready design as inspiration and add your own twist. You can add your own hardwares and accessories, do your own custom print (which we can do in house), add your label and you’re ready to sell. If you have chosen your color or print, we will do design mockups for your approval so you get a sense of how your designs will look like.

bulk preparation

Labels, Packaging & Accessories

During sample development you better also finalize all your label needs such as heat transfer label, hang tags,  gift bags and so on. This can be done alongside your products, to save time later for bulk production.

Undeveloped labels will significantly delay the start of your bulk order – so make sure it’s done with your samples.

Step by step

Here is our basic process for customization When you order a sample, if you are interested in a custom print, we all send you a digital mockup for your approval, then we do a test print on a 30×30 cm sample and send it to you through the image so that you can approve the color of the print. You can follow this process to determine the sample and communicate with us to place the order when you place the order.

Step by step for pjgarment bulk pajamas set

Size Guide

Please refer to our size charts here. Make sure our sizes align with your target market or adjust your size orders to fit. We can easily change the size label to match, example if you find our sizes to be too small for your market.


Your samples are shipped with DHL Express, and will usually arrive within 4-7 working days.

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Bring a plan and let us know, we give quick feedback

Free Color Cards

On all orders above $100

Fast Delivery

10 days delivery guarantee

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