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📊 Global Pajama/Sleepwear Market Data
🕑 Release Date: Various dates from 2023 to 2024
📚 Data Details: The global pajama/sleepwear market is experiencing significant growth. A report forecasts the market to increase at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2024 to 2031, reaching a valuation of USD 15.56 billion by 2031. Another source estimates the global sleepwear market to reach $26.58 billion by 2030 from $13.62 billion in 2023, nearly doubling in size. The North American region dominates the market, and the global pajama market size was USD 10.84 Billion in 2021 with expectations to register a revenue CAGR of 9.9% during the forecast period up to 2030.
🎯 Data Source:

Benefits of Working with the Pajama Factory

  • Low Prices: Pajama factory can offer lower prices than retail stores because they produce pajamas in large quantities.
  • High Quality: Pajama factory use high-quality materials and construction to ensure that their pajamas are comfortable and durable.
  • Customizable: Pajama factory can customize pajamas to meet your specific needs, such as adding your company logo or creating pajamas in a specific color or style.
  • Fast Turnaround: Pajama factory can typically produce pajamas within a few weeks of receiving an order.

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How to Choose a Pajama Factory

Choosing a pajama factory is crucial to ensuring that your clothing line produces high-quality products.

Here are some important factors to consider while selecting a pajama factory:

Google Search

Step 1, Use a search engine to find factory information or websites. Look only for professional pajama factories and not garment factories, because pajama factories only make pajamas, and are more specialized.

make pajama demands

Step 2, Talk to the customer serive to learn more about the factory’s experience in the field of pajama production, their expertise, production capacity, quality management standards, and other details.

measurement tape

Step 3, Make requests for sample production to assess the factory’s production quality and capabilities; carefully inspect the quality of the samples and discuss possible improvement measures with the factory.

price quote

Step 4, Get a detailed price quote, including production and shipping costs; understand payment terms and conditions, including payment method and payment times; confirm the time frames for production and delivery.

pajama factory

Step 5, Assess the speed and efficiency of the factory’s response to your inquiries and requests; understand the quality of customer service provided by the factory; if possible, visit the factory in person or through a third party to gain a firsthand understanding of its operations and working environment.

Contact a Pajama Factory Today

To learn more about the benefits of working with a pajama factory, contact a pajama factory today. They will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the right pajamas for your needs.

Pajama Factory Sample Making Process

Initial Inquiry and Discussion

  • You’ll provide the factory with details about your desired pajamas, including:
    • Style: (e.g., pants and top sets, onesies, robes)
    • Material: (e.g., cotton, fleece, flannel)
    • Design: (e.g., colors, patterns, prints, any embroidery or embellishments)
    • Sizes: (size chart or specific measurements)
    • Target Market: (e.g., adults, children, specific age groups)

Technical Drawing and Prototype Development

  • The factory will create a technical drawing based on your specifications. This drawing details the garment’s construction, seams, pockets, etc.
  • They might also create a basic prototype using readily available materials to get a general sense of the fit and style.

Sample Approval

  • The factory will create a final sample using the chosen materials and following the approved technical drawing.
  • This sample will be sent to you for review. You’ll have the opportunity to assess the fit, fabric quality, construction, and overall look and feel of the pajamas.
sample approval
Detailed communication

Revisions and Final Approval

  • If there are any adjustments needed, you can communicate those to the factory. They might create additional samples with the revisions until you’re completely satisfied.
  • Once you approve the final sample, the factory will use it as the blueprint for bulk production.

Additional Points

  • Sample Costs: Factories might charge a sample fee, which could be refunded upon placing a bulk order.
  • Sample Lead Time: The time it takes to create a sample can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the factory’s workload.
  • Communication: Clear and consistent communication is crucial throughout the sample making process. Make sure you provide detailed descriptions and ask questions if anything is unclear.


Pjgarment is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pajamas and loungewear. We specialize in designing and producing comfortable and stylish sleepwear for men, women, and children. Our products are made using the finest fabrics and are known for their durability and comfort.

Pjgarment is located in Guangdong, China, with our main production facility and headquarters situated in a convenient and accessible area. We also have distribution centers strategically placed for efficient delivery of our products.

Ordering from Pjgarment is easy and convenient. You can contact our sales team for assistance with your order.

Yes, at Pjgarment, we offer customization services for pajama designs. Whether you are looking to create personalized pajama for your family, event, or business, our design team can work with you to bring your vision to life.

Pjgarment is committed to delivering the highest quality pajama to our customers. We carefully select the fabrics and materials used in our products to ensure superior comfort, durability, and overall satisfaction for our customers.

Yes, Pjgarment ships internationally to meet the global demand for our high-quality pajamas. We have established reliable shipping partners and processes to ensure that our products reach customers worldwide in a timely and efficient manner.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our team at Pjgarment Pajama Factory is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support. Whether you have inquiries or need assistance, we are here to address your concerns promptly.

Contact us today to discuss your bespoke clothing requirements. You can contact us via email at [email protected] or fill out the form here.

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