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📊 Global Bamboo clothing Manufacturers Data
🕑 Release Date: Various dates, latest in 2023
📚 Data Details: The global bamboo clothing market has been witnessing significant growth, with market forecasts predicting it to reach $3 billion by 2032. The women’s segment alone is expected to hit $1,587.41 million by 2032 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.59%. In 2023, the market size was valued at $1.83 billion, with an overall industry CAGR of 8.5% from 2024. The North American region is particularly noted for its demand and growth in the bamboo apparel sector.

Key takeaways include:

  • The bamboo apparel market reached a valuation of $2,122.1 million in 2021, driven by leading players in the industry.
  • The market is segmented based on product type, distribution channel, and end-user, catering to a diverse range of consumer needs.
  • The global bamboo apparel market was valued at $2,047.3 million in 2022 and is anticipated to reach $3,185.6 million by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 6.4% from 2024 to 2032.
  • The bamboo fabric market size is projected to reach multimillion figures by 2030, showcasing an unexpected growth rate.
  • The global bamboos market, including bamboo clothing, was estimated at $59.30 billion in 2021, expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.5% from 2022 to 2030.

In the ever-changing landscape of style, Bamboo clothing Manufacturers- Pjgarment is leading the charge towards a much more sustainable future. As customers become increasingly eco aware, our dedication to lowering carbon emissions and protecting the atmosphere positions us as a premier producer of environmentally friendly bamboo apparel. Our commitment to honest style practices sets us aside from the remainder, making us the go-to selection for those who value sustainability and design.

Bamboo fiber fabric manufacturing process
Bamboo fiber fabric manufacturing process

Pjgarment’s supply chain offers a check out their sustainable methods. They take pride in their environmentally-friendly manufacturing of bamboo clothing. They start by utilizing energy-efficient machinery that operates on solar power. This helps to lower their carbon impact and stresses their dedication to safeguarding the Earth while producing each garment.

What is the bamboo fiber fabric?

Derived from nature’s bamboo plant, bamboo fiber fabric is a regenerated cellulose fiber known for its unique properties. The fabric is smooth, soft, and warm, making it a comfortable choice for various clothing applications.

Key features of bamboo fiber fabric include:

  • Comfort: The fabric is soft to the touch, making it ideal for clothing that’s worn close to the skin.
  • Hygiene: It’s antibacterial and resistant to odor, promoting freshness.
  • Moisture control: Bamboo fiber fabric is hygroscopic and breathable, excellent for moisture management.
  • Eco-friendly: Bamboo is sustainable and biodegradable, minimizing the environmental impact.
  • Health benefits: The fabric offers natural UV protection and other health benefits.

Common applications of bamboo fiber fabric include elastic jerseys, double-sided fabrics, and cotton blended jerseys, often used in making comfortable, breathable, and elastic pajamas.

Experience Unequaled Softness with Pjgarment’s Bamboo Garments

spací obleky pro batolata
Best Custom Bamboo Clothing Manufacturers for Startups/Small Business - Pjgarment 24

Pjgarment’s bamboo garments uses an unrivaled level of soft qualities, setting it besides cotton and matching the luxurious feeling of silk and cashmere at a fraction of the expense. Our fabrics flaunt outstanding convenience and longevity, making sure that you’ll delight in using them for years to come.

Breathability: Nature’s Design
Our bamboo textile not only catches air movement but likewise has small openings with exceptional moisture-absorbing attributes. This unique attribute makes our bamboo clothing four times more efficient in soaking up wetness than cotton, using unequaled breathability.

Hypoallergenic Marvel
While synthetic blend textiles might trigger skin irritation, Pjgarment’s bamboo apparel is designed to relieve rashes and lessen skin massaging, offering a comfy using experience.

Thermal Policy Mastery
The numerous micro-holes in our bamboo fabrics catch warm or cold air, attaining superb thermal law. This feature makes our bamboo clothing appropriate for both wintertime and summer season wear.

Discover Our Bamboo Garments Collection

1. Bamboo dressing robe

2. Bamboo pjs

3. Bamboo lace camisole pajama set

4. Bamboo mens pyjamas

5. Bamboo loungewear

Bamboo clothing Manufacturers Production Process

Výrobní proces
Výrobní proces

Bamboo clothing Manufacturers Quality Assurance

Tovární certifikát
Tovární certifikát

Your Companion in Sustainable Fashion

👚Custom-made Bamboo Clothing: Create an unique fashion brand.
💚Sustainable Fabric: Show commitment to the setting.
Fast Turn-around: Beginning and grow your service quick.
📦Lower MOQ: Much less inventory danger.

Frequently asked questions:

1)What are the advantages of bamboo fabric?

a,Bamboo is an extremely soft fabric.

Bamboo fabric is luxuriously soft, so soft that it floats on your skin. This is due to the bamboo fiber’s smooth round structure, which lacks any sharp or rough elements that could cause irritation.

b,Bamboo clothing is breathable.

Bamboo fabric provides excellent ventilation due to microscopic holes in the fiber. This keeps you feeling fresher for longer, requiring you to wash fewer clothes. Finally, less washing makes clothes last longer, which is essential for a sustainable wardrobe.

c,Bamboo is useful in hot weather.

When the weather gets hot, bamboo fabric’s thermoregulatory properties help keep you cool. On hot days, the material’s breathable and moisture-wicking properties provide maximum comfort. So, yes, that bamboo shirt will keep you cooler than a cotton alternative.

d,Effective insulating

The same thermoregulatory properties of bamboo fabric help keep you warm in the winter, making bamboo a performance material for any weather. This is due to its cross sectional fibers, which help keep heat in on colder days, ensuring bamboo is warmer than cotton when the temperature drops

e,Bamboo fabric is moisture wicking.

Bamboo fabric actually helps to keep your skin comfortable and dry by wicking moisture away from your skin more quickly. Because bamboo is much more breathable than cotton, it is ideal for sports clothing or intimate clothing. In fact, bamboo clothing dries twice as fast as cotton

f,Bamboo is antibacterial.

Bamboo fabric is said to be anti-bacterial, which means your top will stay fresher for longer because the fiber fights odors. As we all know, less washing helps your clothes last longer, making your closet more eco-friendly.

g,UV protection is provided by bamboo.

Bamboo fabric provides natural sun protection by filtering up to 97.5% of UV radiation.

h,Bamboo is beneficial to sensitive skin.

Natural bamboo is hypoallergenic, which means it is suitable for sensitive skin and does not cause allergic reactions. As a general rule, those with sensitive skin should look for the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label, which ensures that no harmful materials are left in the fabric.

I,Bamboo fabric resists wrinkles.

Bamboo is remarkable in that it does not wrinkle easily, even after frequent washing. This makes it ideal for those of us who dislike ironing and also makes it more sustainable because we need to use less energy to maintain our bamboo clothes.

2)What is the disadvantage of bamboo fiber?

a,Bamboo shrinkage: When compared to linen or other tougher fabrics, bamboo can shrink in the wash, so it’s best to wash it on a delicate cycle and follow the care instructions on the label.

b,Bamboo fabric dries slowly: Bamboo fabric, unfortunately, does not dry as quickly as synthetic or cotton fabrics. The astute among you may have noticed in point 5 above that it dries faster than cotton. This is due to bamboo’s absorbent nature, which can absorb three times its weight in water, which means that after washing bamboo clothes or sheets, there is more water to evaporate. When wet, it also loses some of its strength, so make sure to follow the care instructions on the label.

c,Bamboo is more expensive than cotton: Unfortunately, most bamboo is more expensive than cotton, particularly if you want sustainable bamboo rather than bamboo rayon.

3)What types of bamboo clothing are available?

Bamboo clothing comes in a variety of styles. You can select from bamboo lyocell, bamboo linen, or bamboo viscose. Bamboo viscose is a common type of bamboo fabric, though some consider it to be less environmentally friendly than other types of bamboo fabric due to the additional processing required. Lyocell is based on closed-loop processing, and natural bamboo requires very little processing.

4)Why is bamboo better for clothing?

Bamboo clothing is one of the best gifts you can give your skin. This lovely fabric is as soft as silk, as warm as wool, as cool as cotton, and is infused with a plethora of natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It’s moisture-wicking and works wonders at keeping you cool and dry when you need it and warm and snug when the weather turns chilly. Bamboo is not only a great material for your personal comfort, but it is also good for the environment.

5)Can bamboo clothing be used as pajamas / robes?

Yes, bamboo clothing is ideal for pajamas or robes due to its moisture-wicking properties and thermal regulation. Even when you’re sweating profusely, bamboo can keep you cool and dry. It is frequently extremely comfortable and breathable, making it ideal for pajamas / robes.

6)Bamboo Material Suppliers vs. Bamboo clothing Manufacturers.

Bamboo material manufacturers generate the raw materials, while bamboo clothing manufacturers, such as Pjgarment, use this fabric to create clothing.

Pjgarment supplies a large choice of clothes alternatives, such as apparel made from bamboo fabric specifically created for children, bamboo sleepwear, bamboo pjs, bamboo tops, bamboo pants, bamboo onesies, bamboo jumpsuit, bamboo t shirt, and additional selections.

7)How can I find reliable Bamboo clothing Manufacturers?

To find reliable Bamboo clothing Manufacturers, you can start by researching companies that prioritize sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. Look for certifications and reviews that demonstrate a commitment to quality and eco-conscious production.

8)Is bamboo clothing suitable for all seasons?

Yes, bamboo clothing is suitable for all seasons. Its breathable and moisture-wicking properties help keep the body cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather, making it a practical choice for year-round wear.

Join the Bamboo Transformation with Pjgarment.

As ethical style gains importance, Pjgarment emerges as your relied on partner in sustainable and fashionable bamboo clothing. Discover our diverse collection, and let the bamboo transformation redefine your pajamas experience. (https://pjgarment.com/)

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