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Loungewear Manufacturing

Our ready design series for Women’s Loungewear is our response to the fast-growing trend in 2023. You can join the market by partnering with pjgarment loungewear supplier.

As a wholesale clothing distributor, acting as a designer and manufacturer in China, our design philosophy encourages us to create a wide range of cool, casual, and comfortable luxury clothing for everyday use.

With our line of Women’s Loungewear, athleisure can become a sustainable trend. We design loungewear with versatility in mind, giving customers a wider range of activities to choose from, including sports, socializing, and leisure. Our designers have also improved the classic Loungewear with an exciting twist that is both flirty and feminine.

Create частная марка loungewear with our custom design prints and colors that can be mixed and matched. Choose bright or neutral colors, such as misty grey and dusty khaky green. Your customers will absolutely adore the comfortable Cotton Baby Terry fabric that has made our women’s loungewear popular in the market.

In the near future, we will offer additional services such as custom printing, tie dye, custom colors, and plastisol & embriodery labelling.


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made clothing for women

What We Do


Our Services

Изготовление образцов

Изготовление образцов

We make all kinds of pattern and sample before bulk production. Sample making service ensures производственный процесс successfully.



When the size of your sample is confirmed as correct, and confirm detail of your clothes, our personalised garment manufacturing industry would provide with grading service.

As private label производители одежды, we do you all kinds of the custom clothing label with different material, such as paper, leather, metal and plastic.

clothing finishing


Наш сайт manufacturing factory pays attention to quality and whole details. Before shipment, we must do four things: cutting of unnecessary threads, washing, ironing and final touch up.

Производство сыпучих продуктов

Производство сыпучих продуктов

Наш сайт производство одежды factory has about 600 sets of sewing machines, 700 skilled worker and 15 automatic sewing machines make wide range clothing products the clothing for global customers.

Shirt Printing

Shirt Printing

As custom sleepwear printing manufacturers, we guaranteed to 100% customization of printing and quality, never fade, crack, or peel. PJGARMENT offers all kinds of personalized printing service, such as digital, screen and block.

made clothing for women


As a производитель одежды, cutting is one of our outstanding service, we use the advanced cutting machine to ensure minimize waste of fabric and maximize size accuracy.

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We have some brother local clothing manufacturers with computer embroidery services incorporating other materials such as metal strips, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins.

White fluffy Men's Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt


Able to offer whole interlining for your style made of cotton, nylon, polyester, wool and viscose; keeping the focus on finishing which is necessary to improve its properties. No shrink, no crease.

material and trim source

Material and Trim Source

As a fabric and trim sourcing производитель одежды, we have 108 trusted suppliers to help us get all kind of material and trim at the best rate.

quality control

Контроль качества

As a high-quality clothing manufacturer, quality is the life. We keep improving our quality control system and promoting our clothing quality control service.

Packing and Dispatch (1)

Упаковка и отправка

We typically start from sourcing of your desired fabric and end with package and door-step delivery of finished garments across the global.

New Collection

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