PINK TRIACETATE pajamas women’s long sleeve pajamas set

The appearance and luster of triacetate fabric are similar to silk. Soft and smooth, moisture absorbent and breathable, easy to wash and dry, not moldy, comfortable to the skin, environmental protection. designed with long sleeves and two chest pockets. It’s suitable for both at home and outside.

-Made from 80% Triacetate, 20% Polyester
-Chest Pockets
-Outside Style

-Triacetate Benefits
Spending your day and night in our triacetate clothing collection has to be the best yet. This semi-synthetic fabric gives the feeling of mulberry silk with its smooth texture and beautiful drape that is resistant to wrinkling, which makes it perfect for everyday wear and traveling. Made from wood pulp, triacetate is a plant-derived fiber that makes it biodegradable when left in nature. Not to mention that it is also easily washable and makes for luxurious clothing pieces for every season, as well as extremely durable so you can enjoy our collection all year long. This skin-friendly option lends you comfortable, sweat-free, and cooling wear no matter where you’re headed.


      The products we offer come directly from the factory, cutting out the middleman and allowing you to save money.

    We control all processes from design to manufacturing, so we can be sure that all products are of high quality.

    The production time for custom pajamas usually takes about 30 days.