2-Pocket Muslin Organic Cotton Robe, Kimono Muslin Bathrobe, Soft Bathrobe

– 4 Layers Organic Cotton Muslin Bathrobe, Bridesmaids Gifts –

*Bathrobe is made of 4 layers of Muslin cloth

*100% Handmade

*100% organic cotton Muslin cloth

*It has a very light and soft texture.The softness will increase as you wash it.

*Very strong absorbency

*If you have not used muslin fabric products before, we recommend that you try them. You will want to buy items from this fabric only :)

**Baby skin based muslin fabric in addition to being very soft, it has an antibacterial structure.

*The product has two pockets.

*It is suitable for indoor and outdoor wear.

*Dressing gown inside the house in cool weather you can use it as a thin bathrobe and kimono after summer vacation, beach and pool.

*Your bridesmaids will love these products :)

*There may be tonal differences in product colors depending on the device you are using and the screen brightness.

      The products we offer come directly from the factory, cutting out the middleman and allowing you to save money.

    We control all processes from design to manufacturing, so we can be sure that all products are of high quality.

    The production time for custom pajamas usually takes about 30 days.